Welcome to AliHairs where your hair opportunities are limitless.
We have over 10 years of 100% Human Hair Factory Manufacturing as wells as synthetic hairs and accessories brands. We offer excellent quality and exquisite technical knowledge of the most trending styles at the highest demand. Enjoy the variety that we offer for your everyday wear. 
How are we different from the traditional distribution? 

Factory Direct refers to when a consumer purchases goods directly from the manufacture. Each step in the chain increases the final cost of the item and also serves as insurance for the previous step. AliHairs began marketing its products directly to the market, bypassing the traditional tiered sale system, to provide customers high-quality hair products at a much lower price than other distributors and retailers.

Why AliHairs?

Our unique location, expertise and strategy enable us to provide affordable, great quality and stylish hair products to our customers. Our lace wigs, hair pieces and extensions are perfect for those who want to pursue the latest hairstyle trend direction. We strive to excel in both our product and customer service experience.