Why Choose Human Hair Braids?

Why Choose Human Hair Braids?

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Human Hair Braids are long-lasting styles that can last for at least 3 months while leaving your hair shiny and smooth. Most popular reason for choosing human hair braiding is to achieve a more natural look without adding as much weight as can come from traditional plastic fibers.  


Benefits of Human Hair Braiding:

- Looks more natural 

- Light weight

- Can be reused and lasts long on average duration of 12 weeks

- Can be dyed and bleached into various colors

- More styling options: can be curled or straightened with head styling tools

- Soft touch to the skin, no irritation to the scalp


What can you do with the Human Hair Braids?

Human braiding hairs can be styled and colored just like your own hair. These human hair bulks are loose hair without weft and can be used for any techniques such as crochet, twisting, micro beading, ventilating, Brazilian knots, fusion and more.